Welcome to WinnErS Language School

WinnErS is an innovative Language School in Athens, Greece.
Students of all ages come to us because they wish to be able to communicate in a variety of languages.
Of course English is by far the most important, as it has become the lingua franca, or common language,
of the modern world.

Everyone at WinnErS loves practising their new languages. We speak in class and outside among us.
We make projects to show what we've learnt and we organise theatre performances in English every year!
We've been using smartboards for some years now and we all love what tricks you can do with them!
We also enjoy meeting new friends so this year we started to reach out to classes around the world
through SKYPE, Twitter and other teacher groups.

We start learning English at a very young age,7 or 8, because we want to learn English
like we learnt our mother tongue.
There are classes of all levels from complete beginners to advanced- 7 to 8 years of English-
so we can connect with everyone at their level or age!

Second language learning, usually French or German, begins at the age of 12
and we have classes of all levels in these languages too.
This year we also have a beginners class in Turkish!

Welcome on board! Please feel free to contact uspost messages and ask questions!
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